Martial Arts Benefits for Kids

Benefits Of Martial Arts For Kids

Letting your child get martial arts training may not seem like a good idea at first because fighting tends to glorify violence, as portrayed in many movies, television shows, and video games. However, martial arts are far from the kind of violence that Hollywood describes them to be, and actually, there are many benefits of martial arts for kids.

1. Achieve Improved Concentration and Self-Discipline
Martial arts classes usually begin with a bow to the master and warm-up exercises. Then, the students practice skills, which may include punches and kicks. All of these activities require concentration and self-discipline. Parents report that their children, especially those who have ADHD or attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, develop these skills with success.
2. Become Fit
Children become physically fit while doing warm-ups, which include jumping jacks, stretches, pushups, and other movements involved in martial arts. These exercises strengthen the muscles and challenge the cardiovascular system. This is why martial artists have physically-fit, toned, and flexible bodies, which your children will also acquire.
3. Learn Self Defense
Children will have the ability to defend themselves against possible assailants. Most martial arts experts use self defense as the cornerstone of the training program. While the skills will vary with each discipline, children will learn to defend themselves with regular practice. Martial arts teachers also teach kids street-smart techniques to help them avoid problems with bullies.
4. Learn Respect
Kids learn about respect from the moment they walk into a dojo. They learn to bow to their masters and instructors. Then learn to treat other students the way they also wish to be treated. In martial arts courses, punching, kicking, and other moves are done secondary to the respect they learn. Good martial arts instructors emphasize respect and instruct their students to be polite to teachers, parents, and peers.
5. Gain Confidence
Children who are involved in martial arts become confident in themselves. Working through a belt ranking system in martial arts gives children measurable and realistic goals to achieve. By mastering a new technique or graduating to a higher belt, children will feel a sense of accomplishment, which follows them wherever they goes.
6. Develop Team Spirit
Children learn to work not only on their own, but together with their masters and other kids in class. They help each other through sparring practices and other lessons to master new techniques, get a new belt, and accomplish their goals.

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